Simulating Network Lag for Testing Games

In devel­op­ing a net­worked game, some­times one needs to be able to test fea­tures run­ning over spe­cific net­work con­di­tions. How does the game hold up under high latency and/or packet loss? What about in cases of vary­ing net­work jit­ter, where the latency is ever-changing? Answer­ing these ques­tions is cru­cial to test­ing net­work code and mak­ing sure that it will per­form well against what­ever chaos the Inter­net might throw at you.

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Andrew Dolce

Andrew has a back­ground in com­puter graph­ics and aug­mented real­ity, and is excited about mak­ing games that look and feel awe­some. He also owns too many board games for his own good.

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