Moving a User-Generated Spaceship with Physics: Part I

The core con­cept behind co.llide is for play­ers to be able to build and then pilot their own cus­tomized, phys­i­cally sim­u­lated space­ships. This means that when a player stitches together a bunch of pieces into a ship, the game needs to fig­ure out how that ship should move depend­ing on player input. Ours is cer­tainly not the first game to ever address this prob­lem, but we thought an expla­na­tion of our spe­cific solu­tion would make an inter­est­ing post. But why just tell when I can show?

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Andrew Dolce

Andrew has a back­ground in com­puter graph­ics and aug­mented real­ity, and is excited about mak­ing games that look and feel awe­some. He also owns too many board games for his own good.

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