co.llide v0.3.0 with vehicle editor!

Last week, we released ver­sion 0.3.0 of co.llide, unveil­ing the ship edi­tor! Whereas in pre­vi­ous ver­sions you could only play with a set of default designs, now you can build your own ships from an array of mod­ules. Shar­ing your designs works exactly like shar­ing an arena. Copy the URL of your design and share it with your friends, who can then test, mod­ify, save, and even use it in battle.

Give it a try here:

It is easy to share. Check out these exam­ple links:

In the edi­tor:
In the test arena:

Here are some ship designs we are play­ing with, click them to see them in the edi­tor:

As the name implies, game­play in co.llide is gov­erned by physics. Ships are com­posed of mod­ules that con­sist of a com­bi­na­tion of hull, armor, thrusters, and weapons. Thrusters accel­er­ate your ship depend­ing on where they are placed. Hull gives you padding for your impor­tant core mod­ule. Armor bet­ter with­stands pro­jec­tiles and vehi­cle col­li­sions. Weapons launch pro­jec­tiles to tear through other ships and wipe out their core. As such, ship com­po­si­tion is cru­cial to success.

As of v0.3.0, you are the cre­ator of your design! Do you want to be faster and more agile than your oppo­nent, maneu­ver­ing safely out of the way of incom­ing fire, only to attack them at a weak point? Do you want to cover your ship in armor so that you can take them on face to face? Per­haps your goal is to destroy them before they can fire more than one salvo by load­ing up on weapons? No mat­ter your method, remem­ber that how your ship oper­ates will be con­stantly chang­ing as you take dam­age in bat­tle. Stay­ing effec­tive over a long period of time is a test of both your fore­thought as a builder and skill as a pilot.

With the edi­tor in place, we have begun work­ing on a lot of gen­eral improve­ments. We are improv­ing user expe­ri­ence in learn­ing how to build and play, as well as clean­ing up and bet­ter orga­niz­ing the inter­face. We are also tack­ling per­for­mance, net­work­ing, and graph­ics issues. Co.llide is still in the alpha stages of devel­op­ment, so there are plenty of changes yet to come as we strive to make the game bet­ter and better.

Z God­dard

Z, a fan of hats and danc­ing to bad music, devel­ops games and code in Unity3D and WebGL. Always look­ing at new tech­nolo­gies for games, he has big dreams for Go.

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