Git Roundup #1

There appears to be a lot of peo­ple that have trou­ble with Git, even going so far as to say that Git sucks. It may well be that only Linus is smart enough to use Git. Though I will not say that Git’s inter­face is by any means invit­ing for a new user, I fear that it suf­fers from the Para­dox of the Active User (Car­roll and Rossen, 1987).

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Eric Li

Eric Li is a devel­oper at Gra­di­ent Stu­dios. He stud­ied com­puter graph­ics in school and spe­cial­izes in real­is­tic ren­der­ing tech­niques, but also has his hands in every­thing from net­work­ing to physics. When not wield­ing the pix­els, he is a foodie who enjoys trance and throw­ing Frisbees.

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