Vehicle Editor Prototype

Tin­kerTech Derby can be summed from its two parts, an edi­tor and a game. For a look at the game check out our pre­vi­ous arti­cle. Since then, with the last two months we built a work­ing sys­tem that shows our main ideas for the editor.

Inspired by the voxel painter exam­ple for three.js, you click on parts to attach a new one to it. Since the car always starts out with one part, a Core, this works well. You can add and remove freely except for the Core which instead can be replaced with alternates.

Most cars can be made in a minute or two. Adding spe­cific body and color adds a few more min­utes. Every vehi­cle in the fol­low­ing sped-up video was made in three to five minutes.

Z God­dard

Z, a fan of hats and danc­ing to bad music, devel­ops games and code in Unity3D and WebGL. Always look­ing at new tech­nolo­gies for games, he has big dreams for Go.

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