TinkerTech More Hopeful on New Chromebook

There has been some recent news about Google’s new Chrome­book, Sam­sung Series 5 550. Being a game devel­oper with a great inter­est in browser gam­ing, I think that the Chrome­book is a pretty cool idea. We have been test­ing our work with the ear­lier mod­els, the Series 5 500 and the test model, Cr-48, but many peo­ple, myself included, have found that the per­for­mance of these machines is less than desirable.

Test­ing our cur­rent builds of Tin­kerTech Derby on a Sam­sung Series 5 500, we have deter­mined that the game is, in fact, playable. And when I say playable, what I really mean is that it func­tions, not that you would actu­ally enjoy the expe­ri­ence. We have a lot of work to do before it’s at a point where peo­ple can expect to play the game with their friends on these machines.

Accord­ing to a look at the new device on hexus.net, the 550 model is more than twice as fast as its pre­de­ces­sor in run­ning the V8 bench­mark. That is a pretty excit­ing jump! With a video review from The Verge includ­ing a very small snip­pet show­ing Bas­tion being played @3:10, gam­ing on these devices is start­ing to look exciting!

Z God­dard

Z, a fan of hats and danc­ing to bad music, devel­ops games and code in Unity3D and WebGL. Always look­ing at new tech­nolo­gies for games, he has big dreams for Go.

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