TinkerTech: Derby at PAX East 2012

TinekrTech: Derby - Laser Battle

TinekrTech: Derby — Laser Battle

Last week­end was PAX East 2012, a con­sumer gam­ing show hosted by Penny Arcade. We just returned from host­ing a booth where we showed off our lat­est build of Tin­ker Tech: Derby. We set up four con­nected Chrome sta­tions where play­ers used pre-built cars to smash and blast each other into piles of blocks while dri­ving to sur­vive. This was a very early pre-alpha ver­sion, so many fea­tures have yet to be imple­mented, and we were wrestling bugs all week­end. We are cur­rently hard at work to refine the game and release a beta by the end of the year.

If you didn’t get to visit our booth and play the game, we have put up a short video of sam­ple game­play.

Gradient Studios at PAX East 2012

Gra­di­ent Stu­dios at PAX East 2012

Tin­kerTech will be a game about con­struc­tion and destruc­tion. Play­ers will be given an ini­tial set of blocks to build vehi­cles. These vehi­cles will then be pit­ted against each other in var­i­ous events includ­ing: demo­li­tion derby, rac­ing, and other arena chal­lenges. The blocks of the cars each serve a dif­fer­ent func­tion includ­ing: weight, armor, weaponry, and oth­ers. The real-time physics engine will affect the han­dling of the vehi­cles and the tum­bling of the blocks as they are knocked off and vehi­cles reduced to rubble.

We look for­ward to shar­ing more infor­ma­tion about this game as we con­tinue to work on it. Keep an eye on our blog for updates.

TinkerTech: Derby - Vehicle Crash

Tin­kerTech: Derby — Vehi­cle Crash


When will it be out?

We are plan­ning for a Beta test­ing phase by the end of 2012. There is also dis­cus­sion about early Alpha access.

What plat­forms will be supported?

Chrome and Fire­fox are our pri­mary tar­gets. The game is devel­oped using HTML5 (Open Web Tech­nolo­gies), mean­ing there are no down­loads or plu­g­ins out­side of sim­ply hav­ing the lat­est ver­sion of Chrome or Firefox.

Will there be a level editor?

There are plans for a level edi­tor, but there will not be one ini­tially. We are focus­ing on the vehi­cle edi­tor and core game­play before we move on to other features.

Trevor Sayre

Trevor is a licensed sky­diver and lover of bicy­cles. When not out and about, he works as an Inter­ac­tion Designer seek­ing good design and usabil­ity above all else.

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