Fieldrunners: now in HTML5 for Chrome!

Fieldrunners Large Promo Image

Recently, with the sup­port of Bocoup, we ported the Sub­Atomic game Fiel­d­run­ners from its cur­rent native iPad and Android imple­men­ta­tions to HTML5 (open web tech­nolo­gies includ­ing JavaScript, WebGL, HTML, CSS, and XML). We are pretty excited with how well it turned out and appre­ci­ate the kind words received so far. Stay tuned for our post-mortem blog posts dis­cussing port­ing to HTML5.

In the mean­time, go play the game for FREE on Chrome:

If you’re hun­ger­ing for some infor­ma­tion right now, take a look at the exist­ing blog posts on the Bocoup blog.

Trevor Sayre

Trevor is a licensed sky­diver and lover of bicy­cles. When not out and about, he works as an Inter­ac­tion Designer seek­ing good design and usabil­ity above all else.

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